Thursday, May 23, 2013

Make Today the Best Day

Have you ever been standing at the check-out counter when the your transaction finishes and the cashier says to you "Have a good day!" and your typical response is "You too!"? We all have, it's our habitual response. But do you ever get tired of responding like a robot with hollow words? I mean come on, do you really, sincerely want that person to have a good day?

Recently, I was over at a gentleman's house and we were talking about unique ways to share the gospel besides knocking on someone's door. He pulled out his wallet and handed me a card. It said "Thank You! For saying "Have a great day!" and then proceeded to tell the reader why today was a great day. On it was the plan of salvation.

Immediately, I thought, "What an awesome idea!" Every time someone at the checkout counter says "Have a good day" or "Have a great day," he says, "I'm glad you said that!" and hands them one of those cards. I asked him if I could use the idea and he said sure.

Well I put my design-savvy to work and came up with an attractive card. I reorganized some of the wording and changed the main phrase. When someone tells you "Have a great day!" then pull out one of these cards and tell them it will show them have to have the best day of their lives. For the Christian, there is no greater day in our lives than when we placed our faith in Jesus Christ.

Below you will find two files. A front and a back. Click on each picture to open the full-size file and then save it. The design template came from (Check out my article about Graceway). I have recently ordered 1,000 business cards from for $25 (shipping included). I received $5 off by Googling Coupon Codes. I suggest doing the same. The files include a bleed and are upload ready. The web address on the cards is my ministry website. It contains doctrinal beliefs and a way to contact me.

Don't delay. Have some printed today and start sharing the gospel in a whole new way!

I know I ask this a lot and no one ever does it, but PLEASE share this with everyone you know. Share it on Facebook or tweet it, then print it and start handing it out.


Clipping Path said...

This is just awesome Design!!! Really great, thanks.

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