Saturday, August 29, 2015

Fresh Start, Fresh Look

If you haven't heard the latest scoop, Media Missions is back in action....sort of. Since I decided to reboot the blog, I also decided to change the name. The old name was something I started with at the conception of the idea, but as I gained experience, I realized it wasn't as effective as I though it would be. Now, Media Missions was really all about church marketing, from advertising to printing and  social media to powerpoint, more than half of the topics drove home this one essential theme.

So it's with no small consideration that I bought a new website and rebranded Media Missions as Church Marketing Pro. The name is quite a bit more universal and provides a clearer focus moving forward. As I'm no web designer, I left the bulk of the website the same, while redoing the logo and updating the links on all the pages to reflect the new domain.

You can expect the first article to surface in the next couple of days. Until then, I will be continuing to make small updates that will largely go unnoticed, but are an effort to streamline the transition from website to another. Here's the full logo and title I designed for the new name.

Church Media


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